Quality policy

Foodella d.o.o. has established, maintains and constantly improves the system of quality management in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Foodella d.o.o. is a responsible member of the community, committed to the realization of the quality policy. The quality policy presents a framework for defining goals and it defines the directions of activities for the implementation and development of the quality management system, which is an integral part of its business policy and daily activities.

We manage our business processes directly and honestly by applying the knowledge of our employees and the quality methods and tools, with the aim of responding to the needs of our organization and our customers. We strive to achieve total customer satisfaction, to enrich the life of the community in which we operate, and to contribute to sustainable development.

All activities related to the establishment, maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality management system are in accordance with the relevant legislation.

The management promotes and encourages all employees and suppliers to take an active part in activities concerning process improvement.

We conduct constant education and trainings with the aim of improving the competence and raising awareness about quality significance.

The management establishes quality policies and quality goals and it continually reviews them in order to ensure that customer requirements are understood and fulfilled.

Employees are introduced to the quality policy and goals in order to understand and contribute to their realization.

The quality policy is placed at the entrances and at visible positions in our organization.

Quality aims

Foodella d.o.o. Niš aims at achieving complete customer satisfaction and loyalty by defining and realizing the following quality aims:

  • Increasing quality, reliability and continuity of its customers, measured by absence of complaints and an increase in the number of customers, by 5% every year in comparison to the previous year;
  • Reducing the identified „vital minority“ of significant errors in the processes by 5% for every year in comparison to the previous year, with the final aim of achieving the «best-in-class» process;
  • Increasing the workload and marketshare by 5% every year in comparison to the previous year, through continuous development and improvement of providing services which is fully adapted to customers’ requirements and needs;
  • Eliminating the required costs and reducing the levels of total realized costs of business operations by 5% during the year, in comparison to the previous year;
  • Increasing customer and employee satisfaction by 5% every year;
  • Increasing the speed of providing services to customers by 5% every year in comparison to the previous year;
  • Achieving higher quality of work through continuous training and education of a larger number of employees;